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Welcome to the first Timecrunch blog post!

Welcome to Timecrunch!

This is our official blog and today is my first post. Timecrunch is about time… It’s about your time.
We are designing Timecrunch to be the best way to share your time with your family and friends.
     I started Timecrunch because I am not happy with the limitations and lack of power user tools that I want and are missing from other calendar systems such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, iCloud, and even Microsoft Outlook.

Some features of Timecrunch include:

  • Posting your events to Facebook is easy.
  • Timecrunch is also a Facebook app. You can run it inside Facebook.
  • Timecrunch let’s you share individual events not just calendars which are automatically kept up to date.
  • Timecrunch has tools to help the planner manage their group’s events.
  • Timecrunch has tools for bringing in other calendars and then re-publishing only some events and not others.

We have designed Timecrunch for the user that:

  • Is the main organizer, planner and scheduler for their family or group.
  • Needs an events calendar to have precise control over when and which events are shared with their family and friends.
  • Wants to use an events calendar to keep everyone informed in a timely manner instead of relying on email, and text messaging.
  • Needs access to their events on mobile devices and through their desktop web browser.
  • Needs to share events to everyone regardless of their mobile device or computer OS.
     Timecrunch has been designed to be more than just a personal calendar system for you to keep track of your time. It’s designed to be a complete content management system for “Events” that will allow you unprecedented control over your events and who you share them with. Over the next few posts I will highlight certain features that make the job of planning and coordinating schedules easier.
    Version status: Timecrunch is currently in late alpha for version 1.0. There are still bugs. But we are not seeing any data loss.
     Check out the FAQs section for “how to” details and help.
    And check back every so often for updates and new features.
    Thanks for reading this far and I hope that you will find Timecrunch useful as you organize and communicate your busy scdedule to family and friends.

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  1. I’m just done investigating your write-up and I relatively liked it. I had a few doubts in your starting of the place though, but I put on on reading as well as I’m delighted I did. Fine entertaining post, web marketer! Keep publishing as well as I’ll absolutely be back once more in the near future. Thanks and also regards.

  2. as you may know very well rather than me these days web logs are cropping up just about everywhere.most people starting these blogs think,they’ll write anyway as well as anything on there website which is definately not genuine.but your blog simply stands out for your way of writing,it is actually quite engrossing.persevere.

  3. Margarita says:

    Ah yes, the calendar dmielma!I use More Time Moms Calendar for my fridge so family can see everything.In addition to that I use the Microsoft Outlook Calendar on my laptop, I love that I can have multiple calendars (one for stuff involving ME, one for hubby travel dates & one for online classes) I can put them in an overlap view, separately, or side-by-side. I can color code appointments for each family member.I have set my ME outlook calendar to sync to my Google calendar & I use that on my Android phone.I don’t know if you can get that to work with iphone but this is the best option I have found. The calendar on my phone still doesn’t have color coding but it does have my appointments and notifications.When I am REALLY crazy busy I print a copy of my outlook calendar & clip it to the calendar on the fridge, then when I have a moment I update the fridge calendar to match. I use hi-lighter pens to make the fridge calendar colors match my outlook calendar.

  4. wp_admin says:

    Is this too long for a first post?

    • Kazuki says:

      I have one large planner that I write everything in and then update my Google calendar with. I like that with Google calendar I can update on my laptop, phone, or iPad. I always have it with me! I also like that I can send appointments to the hubster so it’s on his calendar as well.

      • Abhishek says:

        Yes it is great! What i did is copy all the webcals:// links and send them in an email to all the users who need aecscs to those calendars with outlook. If they receive the email within Outlook and click the link, they never have to open a web browser. Outlook takes care of it.

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