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Posting events to Facebook from Timecrunch

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In my last post, I mentioned that I would use my blogs to highlight and explain key features of Timecrunch. So in that vein, let’s talk about Timecrunch and Facebook. While Timecrunch is a stand-alone web application, it has also been designed to be run from within Facebook. Whether you access Timecrunch directly from the web at https://timecrunch.me or as a Facebook app, using it is exactly the same.
If your goal is to send select events from your Timecrunch account to Facebook, you have three ways of making this happen.
(1) From within the SEE –which stands for the single event editor– there is a Facebook share button that will immediately post the event into your Facebook account. If you have set up Facebook groups, you are able to select which group to post to.
(2) Also in the SEE, in the upper left-hand corner is the reminders section. From there you can create multiple reminders (also called alerts, notices, reminders, or alarms in other calendar systems). One of the reminder options is to create a Facebook reminder. Click “Add a reminder” to create. Use the drop-down menu to select Facebook. Now here is the tricky part. If you have groups in your Facebook account, use the drop-down menu that appears to the right of the Facebook Share Event logo (located to the right of the action buttons) to select which group to post your Facebook reminder to. Yes, this is a little awkward and we will try to improve the user-interface, but for now this is the easiest way to specify which group to send the Facebook reminder to. After saving the event, it will be posted to your Facebook timeline (or a group) at the specified time before the beginning of the event.
(3) If you wish to post events to Facebook on a regular basis, than the best way to do this is set turn on Facebook posting from the event-channel that contains the events. Use your mouse to select the event-channel colored icon to reveal the event-channel control bubble. Midway down you will see two radio button choices, “Post individual events to Facebook”, and “Post events list to Facebook”. You can choose to use both. Select each radio button to see how to set the automatic posting of reminders for all events in this event-channel. Here is a tip: Facebook will only accept events that are in the future.
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