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Archive for June, 2013

Calendar Sharing & Socialization

by Bill Caswell What does it mean to “Socialize Your Calendar”? I am willing to bet that by posing this question to five different people, you will get five different answers. Fair enough, and in the world of Internet-hype where everything is labeled with the word, “social” this or “socialize” that, dare we use the word at all without incurring someone’s wrath? Let’s try and see what happens. I use my calendar as an itinerary of how I plan to…read more →

The Avid vs. Casual Calendar Keeper

Many people use an electronic calendar in some manner. How often you use your calendar determines what type of calendar user you are. An avid calendar keeper uses their calendar on a daily basis to schedule and track all the large and small events in their lives. From remembering to buy tickets for a concert when they go on sale to bringing snacks to the kid’s play date. Avid calendar keepers track all occasions; meetings, parties, get togethers and appointments…read more →