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The Avid vs. Casual Calendar Keeper

Many people use an electronic calendar in some manner. How often you use your calendar determines what type of calendar user you are.

An avid calendar keeper uses their calendar on a daily basis to schedule and track all the large and small events in their lives. From remembering to buy tickets for a concert when they go on sale to bringing snacks to the kid’s play date. Avid calendar keepers track all occasions; meetings, parties, get togethers and appointments to ensure that they forget nothing. Avid calendar keepers may also manage the schedules of others such as their spouse, and family. Some avid keepers event use their calendar to keep their entire extended family and friends up to date. The avid calendar keeper relies on their calendar to keep them on time and on task. Having all of the information in one calendar is as important to the avid keeper as wearing matching socks. They update and check their calendar daily and sometimes hourly.

Casual calendar keepers like to track the basics i.e. doctor appointments that are scheduled months in advanced, birthdays that are set up as yearly reminders and the occasional reminder to schedule a dinner with a friend. Casual keepers do not depend on their calendar to remind them of events throughout the day but rather events that may be a week or even month off. The casual calendar keeper can have multiple calendars with varying events and uses the calendar sporadically and only when it is convenient or necessary. Casual keepers may rely upon an avid keeper for additional schedule updates.

So what do they avid and casual calendar keeper have in common? At some point, we all need and use a calendar. Keeping our lives organized and reminding us of important events, the calendar plays an important role at some point in all of our lives. Finding one calendar that matches the needs of both the avid calendar keeper and the casual calendar keeper has been the eternal struggle. With many calendar options from desktop apps to mobile apps to online web apps, what is the right fit for all? Timecrunch.me is a Smart Calendar that knows and grows with you. Timecrunch.me is truly the one online calendar perfect for the avid or casual calendar keeper. It’s about time. Its about your time.­­­­

Are you an avid or casual calendar keeper? Or both?

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