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Calendar Sharing & Socialization

by Bill Caswell What does it mean to “Socialize Your Calendar”? I am willing to bet that by posing this question to five different people, you will get five different answers. Fair enough, and in the world of Internet-hype where everything is labeled with the word, “social” this or “socialize” that, dare we use the word at all without incurring someone’s wrath? Let’s try and see what happens. I use my calendar as an itinerary of how I plan to…read more →

The Avid vs. Casual Calendar Keeper

Many people use an electronic calendar in some manner. How often you use your calendar determines what type of calendar user you are. An avid calendar keeper uses their calendar on a daily basis to schedule and track all the large and small events in their lives. From remembering to buy tickets for a concert when they go on sale to bringing snacks to the kid’s play date. Avid calendar keepers track all occasions; meetings, parties, get togethers and appointments…read more →

Posting events to Facebook from Timecrunch

Hello Again, In my last post, I mentioned that I would use my blogs to highlight and explain key features of Timecrunch. So in that vein, let’s talk about Timecrunch and Facebook. While Timecrunch is a stand-alone web application, it has also been designed to be run from within Facebook. Whether you access Timecrunch directly from the web at https://timecrunch.me or as a Facebook app, using it is exactly the same. If your goal is to send select events from…read more →

Welcome to the first Timecrunch blog post!

Welcome to Timecrunch! This is our official blog and today is my first post. Timecrunch is about time… It’s about your time. We are designing Timecrunch to be the best way to share your time with your family and friends.      I started Timecrunch because I am not happy with the limitations and lack of power user tools that I want and are missing from other calendar systems such as Google Calendar, Apple iCal, iCloud, and even Microsoft Outlook. Some features…read more →